Wedding Party

Lisa and Lucas

Bride and Groom

Jackie Colwell

Maid of Honor

Jackie is Lisa's older sister ( 3 years older) and they met at Lisa's birth! ;) Jackie has always had that natural mommy instinct and was always willing to help when Lisa was younger.

Lisa's favorite memories of Jackie is them just hanging out when they were younger. "We would set up our bedrooms as classrooms and would teach invisible students (stuffed animals). We took it to the extreme. Fake worksheets were made and we would complete them then "grade" them. Always knew we wanted to teach I guess."

Jackie has a beautiful daughter Alexia, 11, and handsome son AJ, 6.

Linda Klepper

Maid of Honor

Lisa and Linda met at Samuel Clemens High School while Lisa was a freshman on the JV dance team and Linda was a sophomore on the Varsity Dance team. They shared Geometry class together where they instantly bonded and became friends. When Lisa made the Varsity Belles Dance team going into her sophomore year, Linda chose Lisa as her "little sister!" From that moment forward, Linda was Lisa's guide and inspiration throughout her years of high school dance team. One of Lisa's favorite memories was when Linda passed on her Colonel hat box to Lisa during officer rank reveals keeping the Colonel position "in the family." Lisa and Linda remained friends throughout college and have shared so many adventures and experiences together. They survived their teen years, celebrated their 20's, and entered into the 30 club as best friends. Linda is married to Nick Klepper and they just brought a handsome baby boy, Everett, into the world!

Alýce Peters


Alýce, sister of the groom, and Lisa met in Austin a little after Lucas and Lisa started dating.

There are many memories made that stand out to Lisa but her favorite would be the first time they ever hung out. "We walked around Austin just doing girly things and it was the first time Alyce and I really had good conversation and bonded!" The 4th of July is a huge celebration in the Peters family and would also be a favorite memory.

Heather Easley


Heather and Lisa met while dancing for the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers. They danced along side of each other for two seasons.

Lisa can't choose just one favorite memory of heather. So here are a two: One would be spontaneously doing "hot time outs" (silver dancer routines) in the middle of Encore in Vegas, New York City, downtown New Orleans, or just about anywhere there is space to dance! Lisa's other choice would be picking out her wedding dress with Heather. "It was so nice to have her support and opinion. She made the experience that much more memorable."

Janelle Martinez


Janelle and Lisa met while dancing for the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers. They danced along side each other for 3 years.

Although there are a million memories they share together, Lisa's favorite was when Bertha and Tiffany were created. "Any time we would go out and do anything, we would tell people Janelle's name was Bertha and she was a dolphin trainer. I was Tiffany from Africa and I just liked breakfast." I think more people in San Antonio knew us by those names than the real us!

Janelle has loads of personality and the most kind heart. She is married to Joseph and they have the most precious baby boy, Noah. They are expecting number 2 in August!

August Peters

Best Man

August is Lucas' older brother (2 years). Growing up together there was always something going on between the two of them which usually ended up in a fight and 30 min later they were back playing with each other like best friends. There is no way to tell a single story about August and Lucas, just hang around when the two of them are together and they will start spilling all the stories out. August has been a big brother, best friend and even a father figure when the time calls for it and now he can add Best Man to his list. August married his wife Michelle in 2016 and they have two sons Wade 3 and Nash 2.

Clayton Laskowski


Clayton and Lucas met through Lucas's younger sister Alýce. When Lucas took the job working in Floresville in 2018, he lived with Clayton at his house. Sharing similar views and interests, they made a great fit. Rather it be "eradicating" deer from property in the hill country, boiling craw-fish or just sitting in the garage talking about everything, it's always a good time. If there is something going on it seems like Clayton and Lucas will figure out a way to be a part of it .

Tait Langston


Tait and Lucas met during 2-a-days playing football together in college. Rather by necessity or divine intervention these two were inseparable. After both chose to continue their playing careers at different universities, Lucas moved to Oklahoma to start his coaching career and get his masters degree at the same school Tait was finishing up his degree. Again Tait and Lucas were roommates and did everything together. To pick a favorite memory would be impossible because A) There are way too many to choose from and B) the best ones will go to the grave with both of them. Tait married his beautiful wife Sarah in 2014 and had their first son Jon Lee in 2018.

Buddy Blevins


Buddy and Lucas met working together at Panhandle State in Goodwell, OK. Being in such a small town with not much to do, Lucas was lucky to have a friend like Buddy come on staff that he could spend time with outside of the office. Being a coach Buddy and Lucas have been able to bounce ideas and share in one another successes as well as being a sounding board for the complaints and headaches that inevitably come with the job. Buddy out kicked his coverage when he married his wife Morgan in 2016.

Matt Luddeke


Matt and Lucas have known each other since high school but it was not until college at Texas State that the two became close. Hunting and fishing trips, parties and cookouts have been a staple of their friendship. If you have ever been around both of them together you might be surprised to find out that they even like each other much lees that they are best friends... they argue A LOT! However, both will be the first one there anytime the other needs anything. Matt married his lovely wife Melissa in 2018 and are expecting their first born any day now.

Terry Colwell

Father of the Bride


Thank you for sharing your love for me over the past 31 years. From coaching me on how to kick a soccer ball to eventually becoming a dance dad, your coaching and support has meant the world. I know I'm not always the easiest to talk to. (Exhibit A: When you woke up early to drive me to my SATs senior year of high school and I told mom to ask you not to talk to me on the way up to the school because I don't like mornings. You still added in some conversation and helped the nerves that morning and I appreciated it.) I admire how strong willed and self motivated you are and hope I mimic those qualities in myself. You are probably the smartest person I know and I love that I can go to you about anything. I can ensure you I am in great hands and will spend the rest of my life with someone that will love me as strong as you have this far.

I love you and will always be your little girl

Love, Lisa

Tim Peters

Father of the Groom

We lost you this past year on your 61st birthday. Way to soon but not too soon for you to have a profound and lasting impact on me and the man I am and will become. I am so thankful that you and Lisa got to know one another so she could know what a great man you were and fell safe knowing that I learned how to be a man from you. Thank you for always being there for me and being such a giving person. You've taught me so much about life, perseverance and so many other lessons I could never say thank you or I love you enough for. Selfishly, I am upset that you cannot shake my hand and tell me you are proud of me or give your new daughter one of your big bear hugs and tell her you love her. But i know you will be there and smiling down on us with your own beautiful bride. Thank you for a lifetime of memories
I love you Dad.

Nancy Colwell

Mother of the Bride


I don't think I could love a human more than you. You have been my rock. You loved me through all the craziness that has gone into these 31 years. I was a crazy child with lots of energy so thank you for not giving me away and holding me tight and giving me all the love a daughter could ask for. No matter what was going on, you made it a point to spend quality time with us every weekend. Roller skating, pool days, DQ ice cream stops, taking Jackie and I to the educational store so we could buy teacher supplies that you knew were going to be completely wasted on imaginary students, and endless amounts of memories I cherish.

You cheered me on at my highest moments in life and loved me at my lowest. You told me I am beautiful when I didn't think it was true. You've grown a confident women that lives with integrity and grace and I have you to thank for leading by example.

I know I have the best mom in the world. I am the luckiest girl.

I love you


Roxanne Peters

Mother of the Groom

On the day of the wedding it will have been 4 years 10 months and 3 days since the last time I got to hug you. Nobody knew we would lose you just a month later. Ever since that day I truly feel like you have been my guardian angle. There is no doubt that you hand picked Lisa and sent her to me. You taught me how a man should treat a woman just so I would be able to give my wife what she deserves. I wish so bad that Lisa was able to meet you to know what an amazing women you are. You always gave us everything you had to give. You taught me about hard work, how to be caring, but most importantly how to Love, because you showed us all that every day. I'm so thankful for having you as my mother. I have found comfort in knowing that you know exactly how I fell about you and how grateful I am for the 28 years God let me borrow one of his angles. I Love you Mom.

Mom, you would love her..

Alexia Farias

Flower Girl/Child

Alexia Hope Farias is the daughter of Jackie Colwell and Ernest Farias.

"I have the cutest niece and she is going to make the perfect flower girl. Defiantly the person I want to walk down the aisle right before me." -Lisa

Wade Peters

Ring Bearer

Wade is Lucas's nephew and son of the Best Man August and his wife Michelle. He is full of energy and all boy. We are not sure what to expect with him walking down the aisle but we do know he will be cute as hell doing it. Lets just hope he keeps his clothes on the whole time.

Ace & Shadow Peters

Fur Babies

Lucas brought Ace, red Lab, and Lisa brought Shadow, husky, into the family. They get along great and are inseparable. They will not be present at the wedding physically but may appear under the Bride's cake!
Kristie Kern